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Accelerating your career by effective use of resources, training and research

Published on: 22 Apr 2024

As you flourish in your project management role, you might be thinking about how to move to the next big thing in your career. Whether you're a new or experienced project professional looking to move up the corporate ladder, there are various things you should be doing to carve your path forward. Many of these things can come to you by making one simple decision.

Accelerating your career by effective

The most helpful things you can do to support your aspirations, and speed up your career progression, is join a membership organisation that is dedicated to project management best practice. There are so many benefits that come with being a member or associate of a membership body that enables your growth.

An endless supply of resources for continuous professional development
You’ve heard this a lot, and for good reason. Professional development is vital to enhance your career prospects, and it’s especially important if you want to accelerate your career. When you align yourself with a reputable membership body, you gain access to a wealth of resources that would otherwise be difficult to get.

These resources can range from industry-specific articles and research papers to forums and frameworks that can enhance your skills. By tapping into this reservoir of knowledge, you empower yourself to stay at forefront of the industry and move upwards in your project career.

Let’s explore what you can take advantage of when you become a member of a project organisation like Association for Project Management (APM):

Thought leadership and research
Project management organisations are at the forefront of research and trends with leading specialists and reputable institutions. By aligning yourself with an association, you gain access to the latest studies, reports and insights that can help you stay ahead in an ever-evolving field. You might even be able to contribute to ongoing research projects by participating in surveys or providing feedback. You could even conduct your own research with the support and guidance of a professional body and experts in the field.

By immersing yourself in research, you contribute to the future of project success and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing project management. This not only adds credibility to your professional profile but also positions you as an active and engaged member of the project community. Staying informed about groundbreaking research also allows you to adapt your approach and embrace new opportunities. This knowledge can be key for your career progression – ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and positioning you as a highly sought-after project management professional.

E-learning platforms
Another valuable resource that many membership bodies provide is access to e-learning platforms that are great for post- and pre-training. For example, APM Learning is a best practice centred platform that offers an extensive library of project management modules. These interactive training modules and quizzes are written by experts and available for you to use when it suits you. There are also lots of guides, templates and articles that are easy-to-find to support your professional development. You should regularly use these platforms to refresh your best practice knowledge and learn skills you may not know you need.  

Qualifications and training
Take advantage of training by fully engaging with what you’re learning – there’s no point in just focussing on passing. If you understand the subject matter, you’ll be able to achieve your qualification, don’t worry! Taking part in training courses and qualifications that are aligned with project management associations are an ideal way to do this because they’re more precise. They cover a wide range of topics and best practice, vital for industry knowledge and cover the latest approaches and techniques. You enhance your skill set and understand project management principles better which makes you an asset to any project, propelling your career forward.  

Specialised publications
Project management bodies also provide journals and books that keep you up to date with the latest project management news, trends and best practice. What’s even better is that a lot of these are offered at a discount or are free for members. Project journal, for example, is a highly regarded quarterly magazine that shares in-depth articles written by industry experts, covering a wide range of topics from best practice advice to interviews with award-winning professionals. When you take time to read and explore various project publications, you discover valuable insights and inspiration for your own projects.  

Webinars and conferences
Attending industry specific events, webinars and conferences is essential for your professional development. Membership organisations have so many different opportunities for you to attend to enrich your knowledge. And, as a member, you can get discounted tickets too. These events are a platform for you to learn and share experiences with industry leaders. Make sure you get involved so you gain exposure to innovative ideas, the latest technology, and industry pioneers who can challenge your thinking.  

Networking and community
Events and conferences that we mentioned above, also give you the chance to network and establish meaningful connections. But there are also lots of other ways to connect with other project professionals. Some project management associations have online forums and groups where you can engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and learn from others. This networking opportunity opens doors to mentorship or even job prospects. Meeting other project professionals is vital to accelerate your career; you broaden your professional circle and gain insights from those who have already paved the way.
Aligning yourself with an influential membership body in the project management sector can provide a significant boost to your career and a plethora of resources. You become part of a growing community of professionals who care about projects and delivery. It also boasts your passion and dedication to be part of a community, making it clear to employers that you’re a serious professional. Leveraging the resources offered by project management bodies will equip you with the skills necessary to deepen your knowledge, accelerate your career and position you as an expert in the project management industry.

Explore APM membership grades today and give your career the boost it needs this year.