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  • Is AI changing the role of the project manager?

    • 26 Feb 2024

    Yes. Project management is evolving, and some of this evolution is propelled by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its core mechanisms. We need to understand the changing role of project managers in this AI-embedded landscape because change is constant and project management stands as a pivotal force in navigating this flux.

  • Is project management the right career for you?

    • 19 Feb 2024

    Do you thrive in collaborative environments where teamwork is crucial? Do you have excellent organisation skills and attention to detail? Do you want to be at the forefront of change?

  • The power of networking: how networking can help boost your career

    • 12 Feb 2024

    Networking is the cornerstone for any budding project professional looking to carve their path in this dynamic field. It provides a platform for us to connect, learn, and stay abreast of the latest industry developments. Whether you’re exploring new career opportunities, looking for advice, or aiming to establish meaningful connections, networking has a pivotal role in career development and job searches.

  • How an apprenticeship can aid your entry into the Project Management profession

    • 9 Feb 2024

    Apprenticeships can be valuable when you’re still in your early career (perhaps you’ve just finished school or university) leveraging apprenticeships can be a game-changer in your professional journey because they’re an excellent way to gain hands-on experience and develop your skills.

  • Navigating the project management salary negotiation

    • 5 Feb 2024

    It can always be a little awkward trying to figure out how to approach a money question with your boss. But in the dynamic landscape of project management, negotiating a higher salary that reflects your worth can be a pivotal moment.

  • The role of soft skills in project management

    • 1 Feb 2024

    In project management, technical expertise lays the groundwork, but soft skills act as the catalysts for transformative change. Being a great project professional goes beyond understanding the technical skills required to deliver projects with success.

  • The rise of the PMO: how to get a job in PMO and what skills you need

    • 1 Feb 2024

    In the dynamic landscape of modern business, project management has evolved significantly, emphasising the crucial role played by Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Offices (PMOs). The PMO brings deployment support, process improvement and resource flexibility to any project-based organisation.

  • CV writing tips for securing the best project management positions

    • 1 Feb 2024

    Finding your ideal job in project management is easy, you can take a look on our website right now, but securing that job in project management? This requires more work. The best way to start is by writing an effective CV that helps you stand out. It’s crucial for your CV to showcase your skills, qualifications and experiences that indicate you are the perfect fit for the project management role of your dreams.

  • Can ChatGPT help me apply for a project management role?

    • 23 Aug 2023

    With the press stuffed full of stories about ChatGPT, it seems the new artificial intelligence tool can do just about anything short of washing your clothes. But can it help you land the perfect project manager job? Read on to find out.

  • Could a four-day work week work in project management?

    • 2 May 2023

    A three-day weekend sounds like catnip for project managers, but they might just be setting themselves up for a more stressful week. The idea of a four-day work week, which has been making the headlines recently, is a relatively new idea, you may think. But the concept was coined by English social reformer Robert Owen, who in 1817 advocated for shorter work days.

  • DE&S: Delivering cutting-edge technology for Defence

    • 19 Apr 2023

    At Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), our purpose is to equip and support the UK military with the edge to succeed in the modern battlespace – now and in the future. We spoke to Programme Manager Buhe about her role and its impact for the nation.

  • Time to tidy: cleaning up your social media for potential project management employers

    • 20 Mar 2023

    Why you should polish up your social media accounts when applying for project management jobs, as employers may check them in the screening process.

  • Future proof your CV post covid

    • 17 Jan 2023

    For many project professionals, whatever their industry, the pandemic has brought a flurry of activity in the quest to reinvent and reposition organisations. After a few months of intense work, more than a few are facing burnout.

  • Eight lessons for and from young project managers

    • 17 Jan 2023

    What responsibilities will you have as a project manager? What does the role actually involve? We talked to four younger project managers about their early career lessons – and how they were developing as project leaders.

  • Sohail Khan - From apprentice to project manager

    • 17 Jan 2023

    Sohail Khan is a project manager on the Lloyds Banking digital colleague journey (DCJ) programme – TS3 Learning. He took an APM apprenticeship after deciding a law degree wasn’t for him and getting a job at Lloyds in their e-customer service department.

  • Luca Lowe - From sixth form to apprentice project manager

    • 17 Jan 2023

    Luca Lowe always wanted a fall-back option, a route other than university. He was set to go and study business management, but he also wanted something else. He was looking for an apprenticeship, something that would really wow him. It had to be amazing if he was going to turn his back on university.

  • Why project management could be the career for you

    • 17 Jan 2023

    So you've got your A level results. Perhaps your mind is full of grades and nothing else. Once you know how you’ve done, it’s time to start thinking about your next steps.

  • Join our Babcock International Group Graduate Scheme and help to create a safe and secure world.

    • 6 Oct 2022

    At Babcock we are working to create a safe and secure world, together. As an international defence company,  we support and enhance our customers defence capabilities and critical assets through a range of product and service solutions. The breadth of our portfolio is wide and varied, we have a wealth of complex projects and draw on skills of some of the top project professionals in the UK and we are hoping that one day you will be a part of our team.

  • How a postgraduate degree can give your project management career the boost it needs.

    • 17 Aug 2022

    Life is packed with uncertainty. As a project manager, it’s your job to prepare for every eventuality, so why not extend this to your own career? Already working in the industry? Keen to get ahead of the competition?

  • How to use LinkedIn to land a project management job

    • 9 Aug 2022

    LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to use in your job search – we take a deeper look into what it has to offer. First things first, if you do not already have a LinkedIn account, then sign up for one here.