The Coal Authority

Contact: Mr Mat Baker

200 Lichfield Lane
NG18 4RG
United Kingdom

Tel: 01623 637174

About The Coal Authority

We provide expert advice and creative solutions to manage the public safety and environmental issues from coal and metal mining. To enable us to do this, we need to be forward thinking, inventive and robust.

The last deep mine closed in December 2015, so why does the Coal Authority still exist?  Well, we were established in 1994 to undertake specific statutory duties. They include dealing with the legacy of coal mining including the treatment of polluting mine water and mine gas emissions, remediating coal mining subsidence damage and dealing with ground and mine entry collapses.

To give you an idea of the extent of our legacy, 7 million properties sit within coalfields and there are 170,000 recorded mine entries not to mention the ones we don't know about.

To enable us to carry out our statutory duties we receive funding from government, but we're becoming more self-sufficient by realising the economic value in our people and in the information we hold.

We empower our people; listen, share, build confidence and celebrate success. We are committed to all aspects of diversity and inclusion and the positive mental health and wellbeing of each other.

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